Friday 9th December 2011

by Nadria Tucker


With the new year fast approach­ing, everyone’s think­ing about the future, and the world of pub­lish­ing isn’t immune. Fortykey put together a great roundup of trends in the worlds of paper books, e-readers and book­stores now and for the future.


The Mil­lions shares some gift ideas for the writer in your life—items like lip­stick, a bathrobe or a man­i­cure. The list is obvi­ously geared toward the lady writ­ers in your life, but the main idea applies to male writ­ers, too. As beau­ti­ful as leather-bound jour­nals are, they’ll never get used in any way other than as a chai tea (or bour­bon) coaster.



You can never learn too much about SEO, espe­cially when it comes to sell­ing books, so Nathan Brans­ford’s post about SEO opti­miza­tion for authors is a must-read for writers.


I really enjoyed this piece from The Guardian about emerg­ing efforts to make paper books hand-crafted, beau­ti­ful objects. I guess the ebook back­lash isn’t all bad.


The Hol­ly­wood Reporter sat down with Aaron Sorkin, Steve Zail­lan, Pedro Almod­ovar, Dustin Lance Black, Oren Mover­man and Eric Roth to dis­cuss their scripts for The Skin I Live In, Mon­ey­ball, J. Edgar, Ram­part and Extremely Loud and Incred­i­bly Close, many if not all of which will be nom­i­nated for Oscars. If you’ve got some time on your hands, watch the clips (or the full video) of this hour-long roundtable.


Spe­cial Hol­i­day Addition:


If you love cheese and camp and car­toons as much as I do, then you’re prob­a­bly lov­ing the fact that the air­ways will be clogged with TV Christ­mas spe­cials for the next two weeks. The writ­ers over at The A.V. Club have gra­ciously taken it upon them­selves to out­line and ana­lyze beloved hol­i­day spe­cials through the years.

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